Stop your hair loss and regrow your hair!


How to use Greenpearl?

GREENPEARL is easy-to-use because of the foaming component added, so it is possible to use the preparation as a shampoo. In case of eye contact wash with considerable amount of water.

Method of application

Course of treatment – 4 days in a row it is very important!

It is necessary to carry out the following procedure for 4 days in a row:

Apply small amount (10-15 ml) of GREENPEARL on the wet hair, make foam, rubbing into the roots by means of light massage, keep it on for 3-5 minutes, wash away.

If necessary it is possible to repeat the course in 2 weeks. One bottle of preparation is enough for 4 courses of treatment.

For men - we recommend to use GREENPEARL once a week after the basic 4-day course. If necessary repeat the courses.

Package: plastic bottle with a dispenser, volume is 150 ml.

Beware of imitations!