Stop your hair loss and regrow your hair!

What Greenpearl is composed of?

Except for the components of its active formula, it includes Dead Sea salts and minerals, ideally balancing humidity level, nutrition of the cells and providing natural antiallergenic protection. These unique products for "clever" care promote detoxification and return of vitality to the skin and the organism.

The following extracts of GREENPEARL potentiate its effects:

✓ Ginseng root

✓ Calendulas

✓ Cypress leaves

✓ Rubber plant

✓ Rosemary, medicinal

✓ Buckthorn Bark

✓ Pitch of an acacia Senegalese

✓ Moroccan arganic oil

The preparation contains provitamin В5 and hyaluronic acid for long-term humidifying and hair shine.