Stop your hair loss and regrow your hair!

Greenpearl, principle of action

It is known that the hair loss is caused by influence on the hair root of one of the main hormones – testosterone. In the hair bulbs testosterone can be transformed into dihydrotestosterone - DHT. Roots "fall asleep" at first and then die.

Japanese scientists in 2002 have discovered 5-alfa-reductase – an enzyme which provides transformation of inactive testosterone into its superactive derivative – DHT. GREENPEARL preparation blocks action of this enzyme at cellular level, prevents negative influence of testosterone on hair bulbs, simultaneously stimulates "sleeping" follicles, improves lymph and blood circulation provides nutrition to hair and scalp.

GREENPEARL is based on one of the most progressive principles of modern medicine – target therapy – target influence on a hair bulb of all stabilizing and strengthening components of the medical-cosmetic complex.